The Highway Department is responsible for summer and winter maintenance of the Campton streets and roads. Summer maintenance includes paving, grading, ditching, mowing, bridges and signs. Winter maintenance involves plowing and treating roads along with the maintenance of drainage systems. One full-time, salaried Road Agent, three full-time crew members, and one part-time seasonal crew member staff the highway department. Should there be any road closures or work being done, we will get it on the Town of Campton’s Facebook page, you can follow any updates on the Facebook page. Additional plowing and other maintenance are annually contracted to local firms as needed. Winter Sand is available to residents for personal use. Please keep sand limited to 3 five gallon buckets per visit. The Highway Garage is located at 16 Gearty Way.

Road Resources

BETA Group Gravel Road Analysis

BETA Group Gravel Road Ranking

BETA Group Gravel Roadway Report

BETA Group Pavement Management Report

HEB Gravel Road Report (Executive Summary)

HEB Gravel Road Report (Full)


Road Agent
Ron Farnsworth


Once completed and approved by the Selectboard, the yearly road maintenance plan will be housed on this page, along with an updated five-year road plan. This year was unprecedented due to the mud season, and the five-year road plan is being worked on. This Road Plan is from 11/9/2021.