Federal Response & Updates

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The CDC has many great sources of information that can be found on their website here: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

White House Coronavirus Task Force

The White House Task Force has been providing regular updates on the progress of the virus across the country. These press conferences have been occurring daily for the last week and a half.

Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

A stimulus bill has passed Congress and has been signed by the President. The latest update is that the federal funds have been starting to be sent to the proper federal departments and money has started to make its way to the state. On an individual level the most talked about piece to this bill is the check that every citizen will get. These will take some time to process, but will be quicker for those who have their IRS refunds sent to them via direct deposit. For those with direct deposit, the Secretary of the Treasury estimates the first payments to start around mid-April. Per NHPR