COVID-19 Informational Resources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • How to protect yourself
  • What to do if you feel sick, including a list of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Actions to take for older adults and those at high risk
  • Guidance for: travelers, businesses, schools, communities, healthcare professionals
  • Frequently Asked Questions (Will warm weather stop the outbreak? Should I wear a facemask? Should I be concerned about pets?

World Health Organization

  • Travel advice
  • How to protect yourself, including details on social distancing
  • Situation updates

Johns Hopkins Information

  • Information on Social Distancing
  • Information on Self Quarantine
  • Flattening the Curve

Johns Hopkins Map
Interactive map showing number of COVID-19 cases and other statistics related to the pandemic.

Federation of American Scientists “Ask a Scientist”
Answers from scientists on questions related to COVID-19. If a question is not answer, it can be submitted and a response will be emailed in the following days.

Protect yourself and your business from increased cyber-attacks
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US Department of Homeland Security: How to protect from cyber attacks