Assessing & Tax Maps

Campton’s Assessing Information is now available online! Use the link below to access the information.

To request an electronic copy of the property assessment card or tax map, please email Corey Davenport Please reference the property address and owner’s name. Hard copies are available in the Campton Selectmen’s Office Monday thru Friday 8:30 to 4:30.


Town of Campton Assessors: Commerford, Nieder, & Perkins (CNP) Updates

(UPDATE) 8/09/2021 CNP has sent out letters to better assess houses that they were not able to do interior assessments on. This letter directs you to call them and set up an appointment. Please follow through with these instructions so we can make sure your property is properly assessed. Should you have any questions, feel free to give the office a call. If you are unsure of the authenticity of this letter the CNP letter should look like this.

(UPDATE) 1/11/2021 CNP has been out and about around town for yearly routine updates to assessments. Should you have any questions, feel free to give the office a call.

(UPDATE) Starting May 4th, 2020 CNP will be starting to visit properties for yearly routine updates to assessments for any properties with changes. The field staff will still announce their presence with a knock on the door, but again, they will be practicing the social distancing that is recommended by the State and the DRA. We will not be performing any interior inspection until further notice.




Notice from Avitar: Understanding your Tax Card

These lists are also available in the Selectmen’s office.

Town of Campton Tax Map Index


All data represented on these tax maps are for assessment purposes only, not for deed description or legal conveyance of property. Maps are arranged by Map & Lot numbers.

Tax Map 1Tax Map 2Tax Map 3Tax Map 4Tax Map 5
Tax Map 6Tax Map 7Tax Map 8Tax Map 9TM-10 A
TM-10 BTax Map 11Tax Map 12Tax Map 13Tax Map 14
Tax Map 15Tax Map 16Tax Map 17Tax Map 18Tax Map 19
Tax Map 20Tax Map 21Tax Map 22Tax Map 23Tax Map 24

Tax Maps 6, 12, & 24 are unavailable for viewing.


Zoning Maps

Commercial ZoneForest Conservation ZoneLight Industrial ZoneOverlay ZonePrecinct Residential ZoneResort Residential ZoneRiver Corridor ZoneRural Residential Zone
Route 3Forest Conservation ZoneLight Industrial ZoneOverlay ZoneUpper VillageResort Residential ZonePemi & Mad RiversNorth West Campton
Route 49 & Route 175Waterville EstatesBeebe RiverNorth East Campton
South East Campton
South West Campton


Campton Flood  Map – FEMA Flood Map Service Center