Conservation Minutes 07.13.2011

Campton Conservation Commission  Meeting Minutes For July 13, 2011, 7:30 pm


Members Present: Melissa Greenawalt-Yelle, Jessica Halm, Jane Kellogg, Jules Doner, Lea Stewart


1)      June Minutes: Jules made a motion to accept the June meeting minutes. Melissa seconded the motion, and all were in favor.

2)      Land management

  1. a.       PCP
    1.    i.      Poison ivy: Jules reported having purchased a gallon of Round-Up in concentrated form from Rands. Billing goes to the town from an account held at Rands with payments being made from the conservation trust fund. Further checking with the Campton Garden Club members has further confirmed using Round-Up for effective eradication so discussion continued about beginning work soon. Jess, Jules and Tammy will set up a time to bring needed equipment (handpump sprayer, goggles, masks, gloves, etc.) and do the broadleaf spraying as soon as possible.
    2.    ii.      Sign: Jules reported costs quoted from True Colors for a plastic sign: $50 for a 12”x12” sign, including all the lettering. There was discussion about whether all that is needed to be conveyed on the sign would be effective on the small size. Other ideas were discussed. It was decided to have the next work session meet at the fence, determine an appropriated sign size and exact wording. Then proceed with making a painted plywood sign with neat lettering, possibly stenciled or hand done by someone with neat lettering style.
    3.    iii.      Field mowing: Jess reported running into Jeff Kidney. The Kidneys had noted the survey corner markings and are fully prepared to move their shed, wood pile, etc off the town property. They have historically also mowed a little larger area than their lot. In discussing this with Jeff Kidney, Jess didn’t have a problem allowing them to continue this area of mowing, as long as it is clear to buyers of the parents home set back behind Jeff’s home that this privilege may not pertain to them. Jeff also offered to mow the PCP field trail a couple of times each summer, to save Jules from having to bring his mower over, etc. Jules graciously gave up this task, with appreciation to Jeff Kidney. Then there was further discussion about mowing of the entire field this year. The last time it was mowed was August, 2009. Since the management plan calls for mowing every other year, it was decided to mow in August or September this year. Jess and Lea are going to get a few quotes from people they think may be interested.
    4.   iv.      Trails: No one had walked the wooded trails recently to check for blow-downs, etc. Jane said she would do this soon and report back.
    5.   v.      Drainage: Jules reported the Lanes had asked about drainage along Blair Rd. which sometimes brings water to their driveway. Clint Lane had asked whether some simple water diversion ditches could be made to allow run-off to be diverted back into the field. He had also said he’d be willing to do the work. It was discussed this would be a positive conservation effort and might solve their wet driveway problem. All agreed this would be a good idea. Jules will relay this to Clint.
    6.   vi.      Shed and boundary line adjustment: Jess reviewed the progress on the property line adjustment with the Lanes since the last meeting. On June 1 was a work session at Jane’s house with Anita Lane. Current survey maps were reviewed and potential adjustment options involving land swap to resolve the Lane’s request were discussed. An appointment with surveyor LeeAnn Nystrom was also made at that work session. On June 16 a meeting with the surveyor and the Lanes was held with Jess and Jules at the Lanes property. Anita Lane indicated an unwillingness to swap land to resolve their issue. LeeAnn Nystrom indicated a cost of $500 to survey a new southern lot line, draw up new maps, paperwork to bring to the planning board for lot line adjustment. If she does the necessary deed work, her charge would be $75. Jess reported this meeting ended with a tone of lack of give and take, and Jess suggested to the Lanes to bring the question of the town giving land to the Lanes to the Select Board. On June 27 Jess and Melissa attended the Select Board meeting, where the Lanes were scheduled. Findings of the recent land survey were presented: the net gain to the town’s lots went from 10.7 acres to 10.9; the Lane’s southerly lot line was found to be closer than 10’ from their well and within a few feet of their garage. Jess reported that a rough calculation of acreage change if the line were adjusted so the well was further than 10’ and if the trees behind the house were within the Lane lot, showed about a 2/10 acre increase to the Lanes. The Select Board consensus was that the town ought to make this concession of land to the Lanes as a good faith effort, and that the conservation trust fund should cover the costs. Jess inquired whether this land loss to the town would need to be voted upon by residents at Town Meeting. She reported that after Ann Marie Foote checked with the town attorney, it was learned that since it would be less than 1 acre, such a vote would not be necessary.  Then on July 6, Jess and Tammy met again with the Lanes and the surveyor at the Lanes property. An approximate line was looked at. L. Nystrom said a contract would be sent to the CC for consideration and signature for work to proceed. The Lanes inquired about the old shed, now on town land, but would now be on their lot. They would make use of it if the CC decides it not worth keeping.


Discussion: after the above was presented by Jess, the CC discussed the present situation as laid out. The following motion was made by Lea: “After review of the recent meetings with the Lanes, LeeAnn Nystrom, and the Campton Select Board, I move we comply with the Select Board suggestions to grant up to 2/10 of an acre to the Lanes in a lot line adjustment in order to allow for proper well setback; and to pay necessary survey and deed addendum charges from the conservation trust fund; as approved by the Select Board at their June 27 meeting.” The motion was seconded by Jess. The vote was 4 in favor, 1 abstention.  The shed question was discussed. It was voted to let the Lanes make use of it, as there are no plans for it by the CC at this time or in the foreseeable future.

  1. b.      BWNA
    1.  i.      Trail guides: guides have been apparently disappearing at a faster rate than in past. There was discussion that this may be a good thing with more use or with people interested in keeping them, but perhaps a little sign on the mailbox could encourage leaving for others to reuse.
    2.  ii.      Parking lot weeding : Jules noted this would be good to do after a good rain.

3)       Warrant Article prep: more work on this at the next work session.

4)      Groundwater:

  1. Info distribution: after folding of the brochures at the last meeting, they are ready to disperse around the community. Lea had found costs for brochure holders: $6 each for sturdy ones at Staples. It was decided to use some brown envelopes on hand to make bulletin board holders. At the work session, we will do more to divide this task and disperse the brochures.
  2. Gift to Nick: Melissa’s print is ready to be mailed. She passed around a card that was signed by all.

5)      FYI:

  1. Lea Stewart: newly appointed CC member by the select Board (7/11)
  2. Library materials: the box of CC books is presently in the town office meeting room closet, awaiting a new location. Tammy will check with Ann Marie or Hannah to see if one can be found.
  3. The spring edition of the SPNHF magazine reported the most recent Campton land conservation effort completed by Steve Hamburg and the SPNHF in 2009.

6)      Mail:

  1. Various newsletters: SLA, etc.
  2. DES: revised wetland plans: Peter Mespelli, Morris Lane
  3. 3 letters acknowledging acceptance of the CC letter sent to the EPA scoping process on Northern Pass.



Meeting adjourned: 9:25 pm

Next meeting: Aug 10, 2010 7:30 pm


Respectfully submitted,


Jane Kellogg